Getting started :

1. Architectural Plans are needed to be prepared for filing and review.
2. Applications will be prepared by our office requiring Building Owner signatures or managing agent etc.
3. Provide us with the name address and phone numbers of building owner, if the building is owned by a corporation a second officer's name is required.
4. All applications are required to have an Asbestos Investigation report prior to filing, an ACP5 or ACP7 should be submitted (contact us early to schedule an appointment).
5. Once the plans are complete and the applications signed the project can now be filed.
6. If your building is in a Landmark District all proposed work, no matter how small, must be filed and reviewed by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, even if no exterior work is proposed.
7. Filed plans will be reviewed for zoning and egress, along with compliance to Local Law 58 regarding Handicapped accessibility and access.
8. A permit can now be applied for by the contractor. Proof of Workmens Compensation and Disability insurance is required.
9. Note if plumbing work is filed a licensed Plumber must file for his permit and arrange for 1) a roughing inspection and 2) a final inspection, otherwise the project cannot be signed off.

Contact us for further information on how to get started.

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